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Quinton & Quintessential
Project Description
Quinton & QuintEssential Marine Solution: Nutrients from the Origin of Life Over 110 years ago French physiologist and humanitarian René Quinton speculated that the secret of our biological ancestry lie in its origin, the sea. Today, it is common knowledge that our bodies are roughly 70% water. Essentially, we all have an inner ocean, or what modern physiologists would describe as a “BioTerrain”. Quintessential BioTerrain Restore 0.9 (Quinton Isotonic) is a specifically balanced marine matrix solution that supplies a full spectrum of mineralization. Quintessential Optimum Mineralization 3.3 (Quinton Hypertonic) is a pure undiluted naturally balanced marine matrix solution rich with nature’s composition of trace elements and minerals. Your BioTerrain requires the same full spectrum minerals and trace elements listed in the periodic chart of the elements. The only naturally occurring source of organically balanced full spectrum nutrients is seawater, but not just any seawater. QuintEssential is a refined, naturally balanced, solution reliant on both geographic origin and Rene Quinton’s original processing protocols for its unique qualitative nature. No other seawater product available has this level of history, credibility and research behind it.
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